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AUG 2017

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Great Performances looks to an organic farm for many of its ingredients. Menu items include the signature Farmer's Bowl, which incorporates steamed or raw vegetables, a pro- tein and choice of dressings. The commissary's main equipment includes a grill, tilt skillet, ovens for roasting, speed ovens for reheating, combi ovens and refrigeration equipment. The cook-chill process is integral to the operation. "We're working on a new inventory control process from a business structure standpoint, so we'll be looking to incorporate chillers to improve our production efficiencies and cool down food quicker," says Martinez. Six refrigerated trucks and one refrigerated van deliver items to its many spaces. Great Performances uses a software program to coordinate all aspects of the business, whether from the kitchen, beverage or disposable side, menus, recipes, or order placement. "We've become our own vendor, operating a warehouse and beverage department," says Martinez. "The good part is we're a small artisanal vendor that delivers prod- ucts, so we can negotiate one big delivery to a single location with our vendors, rather than having many small deliveries to multiple sites. This helps us optimize our costs and control our specs better in terms of our recipes." The catering company also has two food trucks, which helps to further diversify offerings. "Looking ahead, we're anticipating more equipment upgrade projects," says Martinez. "On-premise catering is very competitive." Fulfilling a Need Dan McCall created his event planning business in the 70s, not taking any event with less than a six-figure budget. He joined forces with Dennis Berkowitz, owner of the famed Max's Café chain, and also ran an operation out of a wholesale gift and jewelry mart that included a cafe and kitchen. In 1980, McCall purchased Max's catering business and grew it into the op- eration it is today. McCall's Catering and Events in San Francisco caters 800 events a year and operates multiple on-premise catering businesses at locations such as San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art's fifth floor and the Wattis room at the San Francisco Symphony. "The industry has changed, and we work with different markets, such as con- ventions, non-profits, the opening of the ballet or Cancer Society charity events," says Lee Gregory, McCall's executive vice president, director of sales and marketing. While seasonal, sustainable and organic are novel or trendy in other parts of the country, these are par for the course in the Bay area and in McCall's business. "It's standard to be seasonal, and we know it is necessary to be fresh and showcase these ingredients," says Gregory. McCall's depth of staff on its culinary team, with origins from Asia, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and both South and Central America, easily add authenticity to ethnic menu items. "One example is when we partnered with the Asian Art Museum, we started a sushi program and make dim sum in house," says Gregory." Its small but efficient catering kitchen can handle meals for up to 25,000 people. Gregory describes it as a well-tuned machine that contains various stations for things like chicken and sushi, all separated to adhere to stringent food safety standards. "Nothing goes back to the kitchen after an event, no dirty dishes or leftovers," says Gregory. "It's a one-way transfer of food items." McCall's customizes its menus, with sales staff working closely alongside clientele to create unique selections. "I like to reverse engineer our parties, with permitting, labor, divid- ing the room into zones and figuring out the courses and flavors. It's important to give clients what they want, but also to make sure all components are working," says Gregory. FE&S NEW from Turbofan - the Combi. The new Turbofan 40 Series Combi packs a whole lot of intuitive functionality and raw power into its compact footprint. You've got baking, roasting, cooking, steaming and reheating, delivering enhanced flavour and moisture. From bread and pizza through seafood, meats and vegetables and on to dessert, you're assured of speed, convenience and, above all, consistency in flavour and quality. To find out how the 40 Series can improve your kitchen, make the call today. Call 1-800-551-8795 or email to find out more.

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