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AUG 2017

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to the main Chandler building, and most of the people walk past this new retail area." Overcoming Challenges The logistical aspect of this project created enormous challenges. "The location of the kitchen in the basement provided logistical construction challenges, such as concrete slab pours and routing exhaust ductwork up through the bed tower," Spies says. The floor wasn't poured during the subsequent pause time, so that wasn't the biggest obstacle. "The biggest was the exhaust ducts going up nine stories in one shaft," Guyott says. "Working on access and how to get them all in was a challenge. A lesson we learned is, be sure there are cleanouts and that there is room for the ducts you intend to group together. The other challenge is that even though the design was complete, a new manage- ment team always has its own ideas on equipment and layout. While this didn't change significantly, there were limitations with what we could change for the final documents." In addition, the build-out of a new radiology department on the ground floor was ongoing during this project, Spies says. "The kitchen was immediately below and the cafeteria/servery was immediately above this radiology project. Close coordina- tion with mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure was needed. Also, proper installation of lead shielding for the MRIs had to be closely coordinated with kitchen infrastructure." Despite the challenges, Chandler Dining "became an established dining facility that is not just a hospital cafeteria but rather a dining destination not only for patients, visitors and staff but also for the community," Guyott says. Also on the first floor, the dining room provides 292 seats. Two private dining areas provide 40 seats combined and an outdoor terrace contains 90 seats. Chandler Dining's servery and dining areas feature an open, airy ambiance bringing in natural light. Lighting and architec- ture highlight different service lines. Contemporary yet durable finishes contribute to the upscale environment, though they must be easy to maintain since the operation is open 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Through the UK Arts and Healthcare program, the facility displays commissioned artists' work. Recently a 29-foot oil painting on linen by Joyce Garner was hung to run the expanse of the banquet seating area. Another exhibit features a touch of nature with a collection of jars containing dirt from all 120 counties in Kentucky. Kitchen Storage, Preparation and Room Service After food deliveries arrive at the loading dock on the ground floor, staff transport them to storage areas in the lower level. "Because the kitchen is located on the lower level and there was not going to be a new dock that served this side of campus, the

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