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72 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • AUGUST 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h and catering associates–style model capable of serving up to 700 patients daily. Room service is expected to go live in the fall of 2017 for new mothers, pediatric patients and oncology patients. The kitchen also supports Chandler Dining, a retail cafe on the first floor, as well as three other retail operations in Pavilion A. Catering services are also offered. The Initial Plan A master plan was completed by Rippe Associates' Robert Rippe, president, and Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD, principal, along with the architectural firm Ellerbe Becket. The UK HealthCare Project kicked off in 2007 with building the Albert B. Chandler Hospital to modernize the hospital due to the rapidly changing nature of healthcare delivery. "At that time, the academic medical center was in flux about how many beds it would increase," Guyott says. "Though several scenarios were presented, the one clear direction was that most of the patients were going to be in the new tower in Pavilion A, which was on the opposite side of campus from the current foodservice department and existing patient beds in Pavilion H." The plan was to design the foodservice in the new Chandler tower in Pavilion A but not to build it out until there were more patients in the building and the floors were built out. "The initial planning included designing the main kitchen and retail cafe for the new tower up to the design development phase and putting it on hold," Guyott says. At the same time, Courtyard Café, a coffee shop/bistro, was planned in the new building to offer some food for the staff and visitors who moved over to the new side of campus. The team knew Courtyard Café would have a lot of volume from when it opened in 2011 until the new main retail space, Chandler Dining, opened in 2016. The UK facilities team kept in touch with Rippe Associates from 2007 until 2014, when the time came to complete the documents and begin the construction for Chandler Dining. "We finished the designs with Stengel Hill Architecture and the current Morrison's team," Guyott says. "The project was not phased due to this being a build-out of planned shell space," Guyott says. "Construction started in June of 2015 and was opened in August of 2016. Strategically the kitchen opened a week early to serve patients only prior to opening to the public." Due to the amount of space required for the food and nutrition services, putting the kitchen, servery and dining on one level was not feasible. Instead, the design team split the department on two levels — the kitchen in the basement and the servery and dining on the first level — and placed a dedicated elevator to facilitate transport between the two spaces. "This allowed supplies and patient tray carts to stay in the service corridors and put the retail with excellent access to the pedestrian walkway on the first floor," says Mark L. Spies, AIA, LEED AP, principal, Stengel Hill Architecture. "A new sweeping elevated walkway connects the parking garage UK HealthCare's Chandler Dining Floorplan 1. Flatware chute 2. Trash bin 2a. Waste collector 2b. Knock box 3. Tilt truck 4. Hand sink 4a. Pot & pan sink w/agitator 4b. Mop sink 4c. Eye/face wash station 4d. Undermount sink 5. Pan cart 6. Spray rinse 7. Tray dispenser 7a. Tray stand 8. Detergent shelving 8a. Heated display shelf 8b. Protector shelf system 8c. Bottled beverage shelving 8d. Dry storage 8e. Overshelf 9. Detergent dispensing system 10. Soiled dishtable w/tray return conveyor 10a. Clean dishtable 10b. Refrigerated prep table w/ sink 10c. Refrigerated prep table 11. Mini pulper 12. Exhaust duct riser 12a. Exhaust hood 12b. Island exhaust hood 13. Dishmachine w/booster heater & dryer 14. Trench drain 15. Cash register 16. Coffee condiment counter 16a. Beverage/cashier counter 16b. Pizza/pasta serving counter 16c. Island work counter 16d. Comfort serving counter 16e. Work counter w/sink 16f. Grill serving counter 16g. Counter w/freezer base & sink 16h. Chef 's serving counter 16i. Coffee counter 16j. Work counter 16k. Deli/salad serving counter 16l. Display counter 16m. Soups/salad counter 16n. Specials serving counter 16o. Island counter w/sinks 17. Countertop display freezer 17a. Refrigerated display case 17b. Refrigerated base 17c. Roll-in refrigerator, 1-sec. 17d. Roll-in refrigerator, 2-sec. 17e. Walk-in refrigerator w/display doors 17f. Reach-in freezer, 1-sec. 17g. Reach-in refrigerator, 1-sec. 17h. Undercounter refrigerator, 1-sec. 18. Iced tea brewer 18a. Espresso machine 18b. Coffee brewer 19. Cup dispenser 19a. Ice dispenser w/soda heads 19b. Airpot dispenser 20. Soda system 21. Hose reel 22. Refrigerated work counter 23. Printer 24. Fire protection system 25. S/s wall panel 26. Countertop pasta cooker 26a. Rice cooker 27. Countertop range 27a. Wok range 27b. Saute range w/spreader 28. Hot/cold pan, 2-well 28a. Drop-in cold pan, 2-well 28b. Hot/cold pan, 4-well 28c. Drop-in cold pan, 4-well 28d. Drop-in cold pan, 3-well, sloped 28e. Drop-in cold pan, 4-well, sloped 28f. Drop-in cold pan, 3-well, sloped 29. Stone hearth pizza oven 29a. Display warmer 29b. Combi oven, 2-sec. 29c. Toaster, 4-slot 29d. Tortilla warmer 29e. Accelerated oven 30. Grill w/cabinet base 30a. Grill w/refrigerated base 30b. Sandwich grill 31. Dunnage rack 31a. Racked refrigeration system 31b. Bread rack 32. Hot food well, 4-well 32a. Dipperwell 32b. Soup well 33. Mobile warming cabinet 33a. Reach-in warming cabinet, 1-sec. 34. Fryer w/filter, 2-sec. and dump station 35. Water filtration system 36. 12-gal. kettle w/stand 37. Blender 38. Undercounter icemaker w/bin 39. Deli display case Signage featuring fresh berries and locally sourced beef welcomes customers to Chandler Dining.

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