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AUG 2017

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22 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • AUGUST 2017 a pro you should know and juice makers, ice cream makers, toasters and smaller equipment to make everything fresh at the various sites. We also do more cooking out in front of the residents. We have cooking demonstrations on Tuesdays. Yesterday, for instance, we had a fajita station with a choice of chicken or steak made fresh in front of the residents. We try to con- stantly communicate with our residents. Most of them know our staff by name. FE&S: How does equipment help you deliver your from-scratch menus? FB: In the main kitchen, we recently installed some new combi ovens, which we use to cook many different things, including smoking fresh salmon that we will then carve on a board for our residents out front. We also put in two larger soup kettles so the cooks don't struggle as much with smaller batches and they can focus on other cooking. When people see the size of our kitchen they are amazed at the amount of product we produce and how orga- nized we are. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do and at what time. We run our kitchen based on daily pro- duction sheets, which instructs every individual as to what their duties are for that day so there is no guesswork. FE&S: You've even set up your own on-site farmers market. How did that come together? FB: We started with a smaller market, working with our produce company to bring in local fruit and vegetables. Now the market has expanded to also include homemade items we make, like jams using locally grown rhubarb and figs, and apple pies. We will also set up an action station and take local vegetables and show resi- dents how to cook them. Once, we made a puff pastry filled with local cherries and goat cheese and used a waffle iron to bake it right in front of them. We have also carved out baby pumpkins and will serve soup in them. I have also made home- made sauerkraut and fermented cider. The independent residents like these little keepsake things they can take home and use for the holidays. The market also sparks conversa- tion about how to cook different things, and it allows us to offer different types of foods other than just daily meals. Purchasing food from a farmers market is one thing, but understanding how to menu seasonal food provides our inde- pendent residents with fresh ideas on how to create simple, easy to replicate dishes in their homes. FE&S: How do you package up some of these goodies? FB: For the sauerkraut I have bought mason jars and made my own labels. I use steamers for the canned and fermented items so they can sit on the shelf for a while, and I will include instructions for the residents on how to use the product, and to bring it back if the rubber seal on the container is broken. This year I'm going to try to make homemade cheese with local milk and our own yogurt cul- ture. We're always trying something new. FE&S: What procedures do you follow when working with fermented foods? FB: We follow strict health department protocol for our fermented foods, but I don't send those to the medical units — these products are available only for our independent residents. FE&S: What's on the menu at the moment? FB: We're exploring authentic African cuisine, including some traditional African soups. I made a lamb curry and chicken marinated in coconut milk. Tilapia is a prominent fish in our area, so I baked that with local vegetable compote and for dessert made a tahini coconut rice pudding with warm coco- nut sauce. The appetizer is fried green bananas with a honey peanut butter sauce, and I made a warm mango- pineapple chutney to go with ice cream. There's never a dull day in our kitchen! The farmers market at Sherwood Oaks includes homemade items, such as jams.

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