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AUG 2017

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Unlike actual metals, these glazed ceramics are easier to handle, clean up in a snap, and won't break anyone's foot if they get dropped. Dinnerware inspired by metals captures the desired mood, but with greater design versatility. Your copper hue will never tarnish, your cast iron alternative can be fashioned into graceful shapes. Plus, you'll skip the hassle of specifying the weight and density of the real stuff . What is it about metallics that speak to the American experience? Is it our connection to the industrial revolution, when we forged a new era by bending raw materials to human will? Does it reach back to the gold rush, emboldening a generation to dream of a prosperous future? Perhaps it reminds us that, if we put our minds to it, we really can accomplish anything. Metal rules: Amp up a table's glamour and impact with metallics Not that long ago, disaff ected teenagers would gladly tell you "metal rules." ese days, the same could be said of design trends. You don't have to look very far before coming across the enduring power and allure of metallics. ey are a staple in home decor. ink of the sheen of sateen curtains and sparkle of fl ecked paint, or the gold-toned accents of statuary, lamps, and drawer-pulls. Pantone, the world leader on color usage, even says metallics have become so accepted they are nearly neutrals. en there's the romantic world of bar culture, which continues to cherish the gleam and refl ection of metal barware. Nothing else cuts the smoky darkness with refracted light in quite the same way. It's not much of a leap, then, to dress a dinner table in the unmistakable pops of glamour that only metallics can bring. Dramatic and evocative, metallic- glazed dinnerware boldly announces that mealtime will be an event. From fi ery copper tones to the aggressive matte black of cast iron, metallics can be a shot to the heart or a punch in the face. Inch for inch, there may be nothing that off ers greater impact. by Katie Bricker, foodservice and general marketing manager for HLC I'm probably overthinking it. Most likely, it's just because metallics look cool. Really, really cool. Cool is classic. Cool endures. It's why metal rules. To the tablescape artists of the world, I say keep outfi tting spaces in the bold sophistication of metallics. Durable dinnerware looks right in these "heavy metal" hues — and, with these on the table, perhaps we can "Ride the Lightning" away from tamer tones. Pictured: Recently introduced Copper and Foundry™ from Hall China, a part of HLC Inc., 800-452-4462, Cool is classic. Cool endures. It's why metal rules. AUGUST 2017 • SPONSORED CONTENT • 17

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