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MAY 2017

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caption 96 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MAY 2017 sitting in the station. The back kitchen crew prepares the displayed ingredients and brings them forward to a 3-door, 72-inch under- counter refrigerator at the front station as needed. Burgers & More features burgers, chicken fillets and french fries. Customers place orders that a team member transmits electronically from the POS for the back kitchen crew to prepare. They hand completed orders through a pass-through window to the front team, which presents the food to customers. Approximately 90 percent of customers order menu items to take out, which means team members package food in a pizza bag or clamshell boxes. The other 10 percent of customers order food to dine in and receive a melamine plate. "Many of the take-out customers dine in, however. This generation likes takeout and is used to this service option," Wood says. The dining space serves customers at the front and back of Prentice Café. The beverage station features dispensers holding fountain soda, fruit juice, milk, coffee and tea. COOKING FOR AN AUDIENCE Perhaps the biggest challenge for the Prentice Café managers was training staff who had been working in the operation for many years behind the scenes to come out front and work at stations while customers watch. "Team members had to learn to be more careful when they cook in front of customers," Marhaver says. Throughout the design process, sustainability remained an important priority. The equipment package includes Energy Star–rated equip- ment, as available. "In addition, a postconsumer and preconsumer waste-sorting system was imple- mented and has contributed to our saving $4,000 in landfill fees in one semester," Marhaver says. Using compostable disposables and reusable takeout containers that customers take out and bring back the next day in exchange for clean containers also contribute to green practices. "Working with our agriculture programs, we secured a grant to purchase the reusable take-outs as a test," Marhaver says. Since opening, the cafe's financials improved significantly. "Staffing was reduced, food costs are down and sales are up," Marhaver says. "Traffic increased by 20 percent compared to the year earlier before the renovation. We went from losing $60,000 a year to being profitable in one semester." FE&S ON-SITE PROFILE Above: The oven, fryers and refrigerator at Hand Tossed Pizza Shop support preparation of pies for sale in the shop and delivery to the dorms. Right: Hot and cold wells hold ingredients in the Coby Tex Mex station where culinary staff prepare made- to-order burritos.

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