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MAY 2017

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Page 96 of 152 800-222-4393 C O O K | H O L D | T R A N S P O R T | S E R V E | R E F R I G E R A T I O N | B A R S Cook and Hold Smoker Oven Moisture Holding Cabinets Mobile Bars It's All About You FWE recognizes the challenges that restaurant operators face. We focus on them, knowing that solutions will be found. Solutions that streamline and enhance the dining experience. BOOTH # 2209 Heated Banquet Cabinets Hand Tossed Pizza Shop, Coby Tex Mex, Burgers & More and Beverages. "Each of the front-line stations contains its distinctive nonporous stone and plastic laminate cabinetry and built-in electrical panels that electricians hooked up to power the front lines," Schwandt says. "Early on in the preparation process, we sent the facilities team templates, and then I came over to Prentice Café and laid them on the floor to show where the casework was to lie," Godfrey says. "This way the facilities team knew where to bring up power for the panels. This made the team's job much easier." Customers selecting pizza at Hand Tossed Pizza Shop see team members working at a refrigerated, five-foot pizza prep line with drop-in pans to assemble pies with dough and sauces that are prepared in the back kitchen. Staff use a deck oven to bake the pies. "Over the course of a couple of weeks, we offer up to 12 varieties of pizzas," says Wood. "It's amaz- ing what we do with pizzas today, featuring everything from the standard pepperoni and sausage to varieties such as Big Mac, taco, and pulled pork and french fries." "One challenge we faced was getting the oven and heavy equipment up to the second floor," Godfrey says. "Because this is an old building, the elevator wasn't big enough to hold the equipment, so our equipment handlers had to walk it up the stairs." Culinary team members place pies on four-foot-long thermal shelves and serve slices until about 4 p.m. when whole pies also become available. "If a customer asks for a whole pie before 4 p.m., we'll usually accommodate their request," Wood says. "Sales to campus groups through the catering department also increased as the word was out that the pizza was a great product," Marhaver says. Since the renovation, students can order pies for delivery to campus dorms. "We're an agriculture school, so delivering pizza in a John Deere 4x4 Gator seemed like a great idea," Marhaver says. Students can order pizza for delivery from 8 p.m. until midnight, Sunday through Thursday. The culinary team also uses the oven to heat calzones and stromboli, in addition to other traditional pizza shop dishes, which are prepared in the back kitchen. Coby Tex Mex contains four hot wells and four cold wells that hold ingredients that include everything from proteins and vegetables to peppers and cheese. Customers tell a culinary staff member which ingredients they want in their burritos before the staff member heats them in a steamer ON-SITE PROFILE

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