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MAY 2017

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Booth #3468 Booth #3468 Booth #3468 (877) 860-6379 Long Live the King. (877) 860-6379 Seamless Fiberglass Outdoor Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Seamless Fiberglass Outdoor Walk-In Coolers & Freezers storage to prep and then to production reduces the amount of time that staff handle product in a temperature that could promote bacteria growth. And, of course, prepared foods must be kept apart from raw products to avoid potential cross-contamination issues. "Your reputation is at risk when you prepare food," Kuczera says. The way staff handles food is critical. In addition to the usual food-safety practices, she advocates keeping delivery personnel in the receiving area and not in the kitchen so they do not compromise prep in any way. KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL DESIGN The four design consultants agree on two things: client collaboration to determine every aspect of workflow and productivity and the use of the menu as the Rosetta Stone for translating every menu item into the optimal choice of layout, equipment and flow. "We are relentless in asking the client questions," Kuczera says. She also insists on presenting a number of alternate solutions. "Our job as design professionals is to say, 'What about this? What about that? Have you thought about this?' " Of course, optimal design has a dual goal: customer satisfaction and the operation's profitability. Richards points out that many restaurateurs are more concerned with seats that make money than the kitchen space. "The delicate balance," he says, "is to maximize seat- ing and customer experience, while not sacrificing any essential kitchen areas." A successful kitchen design is the result of a complex process of solution- based decisions. With the collaboration of client and design team, workflow can be maximized, and productivity can be optimized, ensuring a smooth-running operation that will have an edge over the competition. FE&S

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