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MAY 2017

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66 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MAY 2017 ● The kitchen sits between the main stage and elevators to the second- floor function rooms and future roof- top observation area. The dish room sits strategically outside of the main kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. ● Walk-in beer/wine and fresh fruit refrigerators sit near the main stage where most of the bars are located. The main walk-in cooler has one door for deliveries and the second door that opens into the kitchen walk-in freezer and dry storage area, which sits next to the main kitchen. ● The large kitchen features a European-style setup. Team members prepare proteins the night before, cooking them in a low-temperature cook-and-hold cabinet to produce the highest yield. As a result of this proce- dure, staff can plate all menu items in less time, and products are perfectly cooked. ● The 55,000-square-foot facility contains dual cooking platforms to accommodate volume and provides zones for the menu items to flow eas- ily from the chef's table to the servers. This setup allows the large kitchen to handle the large volume of custom- ers in the live entertainment area, bar areas and private party areas without compromising food quality. ● The prep kitchen sits next to the main kitchen, allowing team members to use it for backup cooking and providing space for additional chefs on an as- needed basis for increased volume. ● The high-efficiency cooking equipment's quick recovery allows an increase in labor efficiency throughout production. ● Pull-down retractable electrical cords offer greater flexibility for countertop equipment and work-area expansion. ● Each bar contains identical layout and equipment to enable quick turnaround times for high-end cocktails — team members can work in any of the bars without learning new procedures. Ice makers sit next to or near each bar. Several beverage stations in key areas allow team members to serve guests soda, tea or coffee easily and quickly. ● All walk-ins have LED lighting; Energy Star–rated equipment is used where appropriate; equipment is gas efficient; and all paper, plastics and glass have a designated recycling area. ● In the dish room, a trough collector food-waste system eliminates food waste that goes to the dumpster. A looped water system saves on waste water. SINCE THE RENOVATION "Mango's has brought a new dimension of entertainment to the Orlando area with its high-energy live performances, colorful Tropicana feather costumes, singing, dancing and true nightclub Vegas-style special effects, late-night DJ dancing every night, specialty drinks and outstanding food selections," says David Wallach, owner. "Customers enjoy coming in and either sitting in the dining areas or the nine bars where they can enjoy the en- tertainment. Each bar was created by a different artist, so people are intrigued by the decor and design." The main and banquet prep kitchen contains elements of a Europe- an cooking platform, fryers, two tilt skillets, a banquet broiler and a four-burner range with a conventional oven beneath. The main kitchen's assembly line features the cold line at left and the hot line on the right. 2017 FACILITY DESIGN PROJECT OF THE YEAR HONORABLE MENTION

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