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MAY 2017

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The restaurant also has a large collection of 60-day-old dry-aged beef that includes Tomahawk steak, as well as a selection of Wagyu and Kobe beef from Japan. The crème de la crème is Snow Beef, a rare Wagyu known for its consistent marbelization that results in a white appearance. "It has an incredible sweetness to it, and the texture is fantastic," says Psaltis. The cooking process helps distinguish RPM Steak's of- ferings and the restaurant alters its approach depending on the cut of meat. "It has taken a lot of trial and error to nar- row it down and go in the right direction," says Psaltis. "For example, we discovered the charcoal grill is ideal for ribeye, while leaner meats, king crab legs and vegetables are best prepared in a charcoal oven, which imparts a smoky flavor." For this reason, the approximately 2,000-square-foot kitchen's cook line includes a charcoal oven with a grill on top. "The coals on the oven's bottom create a vacuum to produce a great char quickly, while retaining the juice inside the meat," says Psaltis. The charcoal grill has 1-foot thick brick and clay on the sides for producing radiant heat. Culinary staff can raise product up to a foot off the fire or lower it into the glowing wood logs, the latter of which surrounds all areas of the meat with heat. "With this equipment, we can create a bed of coals from wood to cook food over smoldering logs rather than directly over fire," says Psaltis. "This is ideal for preparing larger pieces of meat, since the exterior won't burn." Culinary staff use two high-speed broilers to prepare dry-aged meat, as these create a char crust with a nice center level of doneness. Contact us today to learn more. (877) 602-8380 EPA 202 Approved -No hood required Precision heat with constant temperature Extending hold time without compromising fl avor Flexible holding options Requires minimal operator training Booth #2078

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