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MAY 2017

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110 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MAY 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h with proprietor Cary Hart since the restaurant's opening. Hart, Paige and the project team wanted the new location to be casual, approachable, chic and warm to guests dining in the restaurant or hav- ing a drink in the full-service bar. They wanted Aqua Grill to appeal to guests from multiple generations. The project team included Greg Meek, president of Meek Development Group, who served as the owner's representative and construc- tion manager; Raymond R. Schaefer, AIA, Equipment Key 1. Desk 2. Shelving 2a. Overshelf 2b. Pass shelf 3. Corner guards 4. Hand sink 4a. Prep sink 4b. Soak sink 4c. Three-compartment sink 5. Ice cuber 5a. Ice flaker 5b. Ice bin 5c. Ice maker 5d. Insulated ice bin 5e. Ice chest 5f. Ice shaver 5g. Equipment stand 5h. Ice holder 6. Trough drain 6a. Corner drainboard 6b. Drainboard 7. Soda system 7a. Soda dispenser 7b. Soda gun 8. Iced tea maker 8a. Coffee maker 8b. Espresso machine 9. Brewing table 9a. Produce table 9b. Banquet table 9c. Breading table 9d. Chef 's table 9e. Beverage table 9f. Dirty dish table 9g. Clean dish table 10. Lettuce spinner 11. Food processor 12. Shock freezer 12a. Walk-in cooler 12b. Salad refrigerator 12c. Pass-thru refrig- erator 12d. Reach-in refrigera- tor/freezer 12e. Griddle refrigera- tor 12f. Undercounter refrigerator 12g. Batch freezer 12h. White wine coolers 12i. Back bar refrigera- tor 12j. Beer cooler 13. Slicer 14. Mixer 15. Power pack 16. Fill faucet 16a. Prerinse faucet 16b. Range faucet 17. Vacuum sealer 18. Display monitor 19. Can opener 20. Air door 21. Phone 22. Trash container 23. Overhead raceway 24. Can rack 24a. Pot and pan rack 25. Dessert station 26. Ice cream unit 27. Printer 27a. POS 27b. POS/cash 28. Microwave oven 28a. Combi oven 28b. Cook and hold oven 28c. Convection oven 29d. Bread warmer 28e. Overhead oven/ broiler 29. Dipper well 29a. Soup well 29b. Heat wells 29c. Slim hot well 30. Light kit 31. Wall cladding 32. Four-burner range w/oven 32a. Six-burner range 33. Tilt skillet 34. Salad counter 35. Gas pipe 36. Exhaust hood 36a. Dishwasher/con- densate hood 37. Electrical panels 38. Fryers 39. Wall tile 40. Chargrill 41. Griddle 42. Heat lamp 43. Pan chiller 44. Water filter 45. Lobster tank 46. Still/sparkling water 47. Pasta machine 48. Soda dispenser 49. Spray wash 50. Glass washer 50a. Dishwasher 51. Drink pickup 52. Drink rail 53. Liquor bin 54. Drip pan 55. Beer tower 56. Back bar cabinet 57. CO2 glass froster 58. Blender 58a. Blender station 59. Clean glass unit 59a. Dirty glass station Guests in the main dining room see the water wall and private dining room with re- movable center walls. Overhead lighting brings a sparkle to the overall ambiance. The water wall and glass liquor displays are visible throughout the restaurant.

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