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MAY 2017

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caption 104 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MAY 2017 chain profile The decision came down to simple math. "It's a financial decision. Do we want to add an extra $75,000 to $100,000, or do we make this work?" Vrabel says. "In this case, we made it work." Chevys' production kitchen has both hot and cold lines; kitchen staffers can switch between the two by simply turn- ing around. Chevys' hot line, which sits against the kitchen's back wall, begins with an inherited piece of equipment, a simple hand sink. Next to that sits a gas-fired charbroiler, perhaps the restaurant's key piece of equipment. Culinary staff use this unit to cook steak and chicken for fajitas, nachos and quesadillas, as well as fish for seafood entrees. During prep, staff use the charbroiler to grill vegetables for the restaurant's house-made salsa. This is not a standard grill, though. Below the main burners is space for a pan filled with water and a section for burning wood. A set of burners heat the pan, generating steam. As the steam rises, it forces smoke up from the burn- ing wood, flavoring the beef and chicken on the grill. Over the past few years, Chevys has swapped its legacy charbroilers (which cook with wood) with this unit, says Mike McKinnon, Real Mex's vice president of purchasing. While the legacy unit imparts a nice smoky flavor, wood is a more expensive and less consistent fuel source than gas. Above: Though all Chevys have display stations for making tortillas, in the new design, the station features better finishes for an elevated look. Left: The kitchen in this new unit has a hot and cold side and makes use of a hood inherited from the space's previous occupant.

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