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APR 2017

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92 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2017 In order to connect the kitchen to the servery, the servery was rotated into what had been dining space and was con- nected through a common wall. The lower level dining space features half booths, 2 tops, 4 tops and 10 and 12 tops for larger groups. The mezzanine, which supports cafe dining and meetings, is located off the main hallway leading into the hospital and contains 2 tops and 16 tops. "It has a more intimate feel, which is nice for smaller receptions," says Reitano. A glass ceiling lets in natural light to the mezzanine and first-floor Café15fifteen. THE SERVERY'S MYRIAD CHOICES Soon after the project received approval, the design team visited other hospitals and universities, such as Purdue, to ob- serve best practices in action. "We wanted to do more scratch cooking and action stations," Biddle says. "We didn't know for sure if more people would come into the cafe, but we had to be prepared. We knew our chef would be teaching cooks how to cook from scratch and how to use new equipment." Part of the planning process included figuring out how to use a mobile kitchen during the entire renovation from January 2016 until May 2016. "The staff handled it beauti- fully," Biddle says. "Foodservice cooks and room service specialists who deliver trays had to go long distances and up and down ramps, but no one complained." The servery's open concept increases efficiencies, improves traffic flow and increases menu options. "We split cashiers up so one is at each of the two entrances to service our customers more quickly," Biddle says. "We also relocated vending to the inside of the cafe. Prior to the redesign, vending was situated down a long hallway, which was difficult to access." Equipment next to the POS systems includes an ice and water dispenser, condiment counter, microwave oven, slot- type toaster and glass door merchandiser. ON-SITE PROFILE The cafe's contemporary ambiance features quartz countertops and laminate exteriors. Photo courtesy of Reitano Design Group Customers looking for regional-style entrees, sides and made-to-order sandwiches stop at Marketplace, the first station closest to the entrance. Photo courtesy of Reitano Design Group

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