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APR 2017

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86 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2017 Showcasing Craft Beer The way restaurants, bars and brewpubs showcase their craft beers matters — a lot. Publik Draft House in Atlanta offers between 70 and 80 beers at once, with half of those selections considered craft beers. "There are so many different craft beers on the market and demand is very high," says Eddie Johnson, co-owner. "We love to get feedback from our customers on what they are looking for while also making sure to carry a wide range so that we have something for everyone." Lighting represents one essential element in showcasing these beers, says Johnson. "Of- tentimes taps will get overshadowed by popular everyday beers. The best design is an education program that is tailored for your staff and par- ticular craft beer." Cider Frenzy Cider has seen a resurgence in the last few years, perhaps riding on the coattails of the growing craft beer movement. From 2011 to 2015, the number of 9-liter cases of cider jumped from annual sales of $1.2 million to $15.5 million. In 2015, hard cider sales increased 15 percent to more than $436 million in dollar sales, according to Chicago-based Information Resources Inc. Case sales growth was slightly less than 12 percent in that timeframe. According to Datassential, menu incidence of hard cider has jumped 20 percent over the last year, even above some types of craft beer. Cider-specific houses, like brewpubs, have seen a rise in popularity from coast to coast. 2017 BEVERAGE SERIES CRAFT BEER Publik Draft House's open, airy interior creates an inviting atmosphere. Photos courtesy of Publik Draft House NOTES FROM TROY JACOBSEN , HOCKENBERGS, FE&S' 2015 DSR OF THE YEAR On growlers: "A lot of places are doing growlers now, so brewpubs and restau- rants need a display cooler to market their pre-filled growlers. On their brewing side, they are using bottle fillers that keep the bottles fresh, and so they can fill ahead of service. Also, it's best to fit an undercounter dishwasher with a growler rack for cleaning the bottles." On brewpub design: "Along with all of the equipment and supplies, all that's needed is ample seating, chairs, and don't forget the kids' chairs! I see the craft beer craze staying for a while, but a lot of these places will need to be able to expand and change with customer needs. I think that they should have plenty of taps available for multiple flavors and different options. I also believe they need to do their own food. It helps breweries set themselves apart from the competi- tion. And design doesn't have to be over-the-top — it can be very simple."

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