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APR 2017

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84 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2017 Brewpubs on the Rise The growth of craft beers goes hand in hand with — and, in some instances, even helps spur — the rise of brewpubs. In fact, microbreweries — many now with their own restaurants and other culinary outlets — now give the big beer brands a run for their money. According to research firm CHD Expert, there are roughly 3,800 brewpubs in the U.S., with the most in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, California and Ohio. The total brew- pub share of the bar landscape takes up about 7 percent. Most of these trendy spots are relatively new compared with longtime neighborhood bars, taverns and sports bars — 64 percent have been in business for 5 or more years and 32 percent have only been open between 2 to 5 years. Stone Brewing, a microbrewery outside San Diego with a cult follow- ing, is building a hotel. Slated to open in 2018, The Stone Hotel is a $26 mil- lion, 100,000-square-foot partnership between Stone Brewing and hospital- ity group Untitled Hospitality. The beer-centric hotel, located across the street from the brewery, will feature a bar-style lobby, oversized guest rooms and custom-designed furniture. 2017 BEVERAGE SERIES CRAFT BEER Q&A WITH DAVE SHAW , PRESIDENT OF GROWLER USA Growler USA, headquartered in Centennial, Colo., expects expansion to hit triple digits this year. The first location opened in Charlotte, N.C., in 2016. Ten units currently operate in the U.S. and 33 are set to open within the next 18 months. FE&S caught up with Dave Shaw, president, for more details. FE&S: How do you define the Growler USA concept? DS: Growler USA truly represents the American craft brewpub movement. We serve only American craft beers — mostly local and regional and always representing the best of what that area has to offer. Each beer menu is different and localized for each pub. Our food menu is chef-inspired with the perfect blend of familiar American classics with a beer-centric twist. FE&S: How many beers do you offer? DS: All of the beers served at Growler USA are American craft beers. Depending on location, we have up to 90 beers on draft with additional taps of Kombucha, soda, red and white wines, and more. FE&S: How do you know what your customers might want? DS: First, we are actively engaged with the local craft beer community — so that gives us a good starting point. We also listen to our individual customers and ask for their specific preference. We provide tasters of each product they would like to try. All Growler USA beertenders are Cicerone Certified Beer Servers, so they have a key understanding of the principles of beer. Ultimately, our customers decide which beverages we have on tap. FE&S: What are the key equipment and supplies needed for a great craft beer/beer program? DS: We have developed a unique and multi-faceted program to handle and serve our beers in a way that delivers the beer to the customer the way that the brewmaster intends. The program involves proper training of the servers, high technology in the cooler, proper line maintenance and much more. We refer to this special customer experience as being "true to the brew." FE&S: What's the best way to design the bar to showcase the beers? DS: We pride ourselves on our visually impressive bar presentation with an extra-long tap wall, a mirrored back wall, white marble, black tile and a unique artist-created bar top in each pub. Many times, when people first walk into a Growler USA, the first thing they do is stop, pull out their phone and take a picture. Serial entrepreneur Dan White has built a national franchise brand committed to the local craft beer movement with Growler USA. A rendering of The Stone Hotel, slated to open in 2018. Photo courtesy of Stone Brewing

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