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APR 2017

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60 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2017 biggest changes, Toukatly believes, is the growth of chain restaurants and their ever-increasing corporate structures and expectations. The mom-and-pops of earlier days understood that if they requested a repair on a Friday, the service agency might not make it there until Monday or even Tuesday, Toukatly says. For chain restaurants, along with the manufac- turers they purchase from, a Friday call requires a service visit by Saturday at the latest. "We had to change to meet the expectations that our customers have," says Toukatly. "Tomorrow isn't good enough in the service business anymore." The firm's commitment to prompt ser- vice lead to a guarantee that a technician will be on the job within 24 hours of the call or the first hour of labor is free. Another major challenge is the emergence of parts warehouses and the resulting loss of a once-thriving parts business. While obviously not happy about this, Toukatly acknowledges that these businesses, with their focus on logistics, are simply more efficient at parts sales. Committed to Service In response, Duffy's recommit- ted itself to service. Each of its technicians gets 35 to 40 hours of training each year. What's more, their training includes how to work and empathize with frustrated customers. "Buying parts is just whoever gives you the best discount and best price. But having service people who are trained and dedicated to taking care of your customers and empathetic to their needs, that's something that's not eas- ily replaced," Toukatly adds. Duffy's is so committed to serving customers well that it now sees parts warehouses as potential assets. Recogniz- ing that parts availability and shipping costs are customer pain points, Duffy's partners with these warehouses to get parts delivered quickly and relatively cheaply. Not only has Toukatly been a leader within his own com- pany, he's also a highly respected leader all across the E&S supply chain. As immedi- ate past president of the Commercial Food Equip- ment Service Association (CFESA), he was part of an early push to get all the industry associations working together. That effort has led to the staffs, executive leadership, and boards of these associations all knowing each other and laying out plans to partner on various projects. Toukatly also oversaw the association's construc- tion and move into its own building. While owning its headquarters represents a big accomplishment in itself, the facility also includes a training center with four separate areas equipped with ventilation and all utility hookups. This investment, says Toukatly, allows CFESA to build on its strength in technician training while forging stronger ties with the rest of the industry. In addition to CFESA- run classes, the space hosts manufacturer trainings and is even open for chains wanting to train their in-house service teams. With his term as CFESA president complete, Toukatly now focuses his attention on his day-to-day responsibilities with Duffy's. These include spending plenty of time on the phone with employees and customers, as well as visiting each of the firm's seven loca- tions on a monthly basis. The service agent in him emerges when he's in the field. He sometimes finds himself whith tools in hand, fixing equip- ment like he's done for the past 42 years. "I really like being a techni- cian," Toukatly says. "I tell peo- ple, although it's not completely true, that I worked myself into a job I don't like. I just like fix- ing things. It's instant gratifica- tion. I love that job." SERVICE AGENT NOT ONLY HAS TOUKATLY BEEN A LEADER WITHIN HIS OWN COMPANY, HE'S ALSO A HIGHLY RESPECTED LEADER ALL ACROSS THE E&S SUPPLY CHAIN. Hometown: Chadwicks, N.Y. Hobbies: Hiking, camping, canoeing Favorite Food: Pizza (you can ask anyone) Favorite Social Media Platform: Facebook First Job: Gofer for Frank Duffy, Paul's uncle and the company's founder Industry Involvement: CFESA education committee chair, CFESA certified trainer, CFESA board member, vice president, and president Awards and Honors: NAFEM Award of Merit, FCSI Rec- ognition Award, FEDA Leadership Award, MAFSI Award of Merit, CFESA Dedication to Service, NAFEM Doctor- ate of Foodservice, various CFESA Service awards, Manitowoc Excellence in Service, Rational Excellence in Service, Manitowoc Excellence for First Time Fixes Personal: Married to his wife, Patricia, for 38 years. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren, with a 12th on the way. GET TO KNOW PAUL TOUKATLY

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