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APR 2017

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APRIL 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 41 food, a cup of coffee or maybe, as of this year, a local craft beer or two, the dining program doesn't just feed bodies but also nurtures collaboration. "By providing great hospitality spaces, we create great opportunities for diverse groups of people to collide and collaborate," Freeman says. "There's a lot of power in col- laboration. We get people out of their silos and I love play- ing an indirect role in that. You never know when an idea sparked over a lunchtime conversation might lead to the next big advancement in software." THE FIRST FORAY Freeman's first major foray into creating such productivity- boosting campus environments was in 2009, with the open- ing of The Commons. A three-building complex that's akin to a mini mall on Microsoft's West Campus, it consists of a carefully curated mix of retail, service and dining concepts. Employees can knock off a few errands, play games, grab espresso, sushi, burgers, burritos, salads, pastries or noodle bowls. They can visit the bike shop, pick up an eyeglass pre- scription or get their phone serviced — even take in occa- sional live music performances or informative lectures — all without having to leave campus. A DIVISION OF TMI INTERNATIONAL, LLC Freeman's latest passion, on-site hydroponic farm- ing, provides a dramatic visual testament to fresh- ness and sustainability. Photo by Lisi Wolf

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