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APR 2017

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102 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • APRIL 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h the house and improves the production flow from delivery to service. In addition, a refurbished dining area enhances high school students' dining experience. "We've literally gone from a 1960s look to a contem- porary, open, well-lit space that is inviting," reports Susan Knight, the district's nutrition services manager until her retirement on Jan. 31, 2017. Since the renovation, meal participation has increased by 15 percent and students' selection of meals reimbursable by the government is up 7 percent. This is a significant increase, particularly for a high school with an open-campus policy. Improved aesthetics and the stations' positioning both con- tribute to the participation increase. Additional changes contributing to the larger reimbursable meal participation increase include a larger variety of menu items that also meet the USDA's nutritional guidelines. "Hot Equipment Key 1. Shelving/dunnage unit 1a. Shelving unit 1b. Heated shelf food warmer 2. Walk-in cooler 2a. Evaporator coil cooler 2b. Evaporator coil freezer 2c. Walk-in freezer 2d. Refrigerator, 1-door, reach-in 2e. Refrigerator, roll-in 2f. Milk cooler 3. Hand sink 3a. Hand sink w/ base 3b. Faucet 3c. Mop sink 4. Office equipment 5. Worktable 5a. Clean dish table 5b. Soiled dish table 5c. Tray return; soiled dish table 6. Wall cabinet 6a. Holding/proofing cabinet 6b. Heated roll-in cabinet 6c. Mobile proofing cabinet 7. Can opener 8. 30-qt. mixer 9. Mobile rack 9a. Sheet pan rack 9b. Detergent rack 9c. Mobile drying rack 10. Work counter w/sink 10a. Hot/cold food counter 10b. Cold food counter 10c. Hot/cold serving counter 10d. Cold food counter 10e. Drop-in cold well 10f. Condiment counter 10g. Serving counter, pizza line 11. Microwave oven 11a. Combi oven 11b. Double convection oven 12. Trash container 12a. Trash counter 13. Utility cart 14. Floor trough 15. Tilt skillet 16. Kettle 17. Exhaust hood 17a. Control panel 17b. Condensate hood 18. Food shield w/light 18a. Food shield w/light, heat 19. Display warmer 20. Drop-in cold well 20a. Three-well hot/cold food 20b. Drop-in cold pan 21. Tray dispenser 22. Mop/broom holder 23. Reverse osmosis system 24. Storage tank 25. Washer 26. Dryer 27. Refrigerated self-serve case 28. Glass door merchandiser 29. Mobile cashier stand 30. POS system 31. Condiment dispenser 32. Pot and pan dishwasher 32a. Conveyor dishwasher 33. Prerinse spray 34. Hose reel 35. Food waste collector 36. Lockers The many visible lines of sight allow employees and students to see multiple components of the pizza station simultaneously. The pizza station features a convection oven and display unit for pizza slices and breadsticks. Photo courtesy of DLR Group Behind the pizza station sits a refrigerator and warmer. The convection oven sits across the aisle. Photo courtesy of Rapids Foodservice Contract and Design, photo by Paul Adams

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