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MAR 2017

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At Veloce Pizza, team members mix dough for Roman- style pizza in a 60-quart floor mixer and hand-stretch the dough into a pan. After baking in a deck oven in an 18-inch by 26-inch rectangle, team members remove the pizza base, add ingredients and then place it back into the oven. Staff take cooked pizzas and slice them into two-inch by two-inch squares. "This is a unique program that we've never done before on campus," says Nettle. "The design, brand and menu of this venue are closely tied back to the style of this pizza and the fact that it is ready to go for the guests when they get there," Stocker says. "The logo is inspired by scooter culture as well as the blue, rectangular pans the pizza is formed in. The materials and finishes are modern interpretations of traditional materials but oversized and used in less expected ways." The Evergreen Plate features locally sourced entrees and sides that team members produce on equipment in the back kitchen. Butcher•Baker•Barista features both traditional and open-faced sandwiches, such as eggless egg salad baguette, smoked salmon, peppered beef and porchetta, that team members prepare or customers build to meet their tastes. Team members proof dough, but don't make it from scratch. Sandwiches can be warmed in a rapid-speed oven. The menu also features quiches and pastries. "As a coffee, sandwich and pastry venue, the concept is both modern and comforting with a familiar but exploded- scale buffalo plaid pattern and comfortable wood and metal seating and counters," Stocker says. "Like all the other ven- ues, this venue features power and accessibility for guests to not only dine but work and have casual meetings." This concept features espresso drinks with beans sourced from a local purveyor, Caffe Ladro. The beverage menu also features blended drinks, some hot and some cold. Café 36 contains beverage stations featuring flavored, infused waters, multiple flavors of soda and a hot-water dis- penser. A microwave allows customers to heat beverages and menu items. Giving attention to sustainability and energy-saving features, the cafe contains trash-recycle-compost areas and a Compass Group-developed service that provides informa- tion for monitoring daytime/nighttime/after-hours energy integration into building controls. The cafe also features energy-efficient hood management systems and reusable dishware with all-compostable materials. Freeman, the Dining at Microsoft Compass team and cafe designers are recognized throughout the hospitality industry for continuously raising the standards of culinary excellence and customer experience. They've effectively made cafes an integral part of the corporate culture and share generously with industry peers who wish to visit. They be- lieve that the Café Lifestyle Strategy continues to be a major factor in attracting, developing and keeping the industry sector's most sought-after talent. FE&S MARCH 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 81 Mark Freeman, senior manager of Global Dining Services, Microsoft. Freeman's tenure at Microsoft spans 10 years, during which he successfully launched local-branded restaurants to the cafes, The Commons restaurant and retail complex, full-service celebrity chef restaurants and hydroponic growing systems into the dining program. Richard Nettle, senior project program director, Compass Group. Nettle's career spans 38 years. Joining Compass in 2010 as the senior director for program projects at Microsoft, he is responsible for Dining at Microsoft campus-wide and drives the strategic direction. He strategically blends the architectural concept, facility objectives, culinary direction, technology and models to deliver an operationally efficient food facility. Peter Stocker, PSAMA, associate principal, MG2. As a brand development specialist, Stocker creates memorable experiences for consumers and patrons interacting with retail, hospitality and mixed- use environments. His entrepreneurial experience includes owning a brand design and development business serving global companies such as Amazon, REI and Uniqlo, as well as local neighborhood restaurants and retailers. Craig Tarrant, culinary director for dining at Microsoft with the Compass Group. For 30 years, this Puget Sound native's passion has led him to connect with customers by using foods from his childhood and combining classic flavors with unique, seasonal and global flavors. At Microsoft he oversees 50 chefs campus-wide, drives the strategic direction of food and purchasing on campus, helps create many branded cafe concepts and spearheads Microsoft's campus-wide approach to transforming the food experience. MEET THE PLAYERS

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