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MAR 2017

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80 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MARCH 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h what they want and not having to queue for items they don't. The look and feel represent pallets of fresh produce just un- loaded from the farm." Fresh bread sits in a display unit to entice customers. This venue also plays host to three hydroponic towers that grow produce to be served on-site. Coop de Grille, featuring what the culinary team refers to as luxurious chicken and ranch fare, serves a hybrid version of what the team created in Café 83. Offering popular yet much more upscale burgers, chicken filets, fish and chips, chicken sandwiches and meatloaf sandwiches, this concept "is based on a requirement by Millennials to have traditional grill options and locally sourced chicken in their cafes," Nettle says. The grill's equipment package includes two fryers and a dump station, a pressure fryer and its own dump station, two 36-inch convertible grills, a 67-inch make line and a con- veyor toaster. "A playful tribute to chicken and burger stands, we ap- proached this venue knowing it would share the design language with its neighbor, Bosque Burritos," Stocker says. Features include custom-colored glass and back-painted glass, as well as a creative direction that plays with an old American hood orna- ment as a visual to go with the quirky name. The venue shares space with its Coop de Grille neighbor, so the crossing frame- work and colored glass are shared, yet specific to each brand. "For Bosque Burritos, the colorful tree art goes back to the name and the intention of this venue as super-fresh, scratch-made burritos for lunch and breakfast," Stocker says. Bosque Burritos allows customers to walk along the service counter's 48-inch refrigerated make line and choose Latin and Mexican ingredients for build-your-own bur- ritos, breakfast bowls and chilaquiles. Other breakfast menu items include oatmeal and fruit, potatoes, eggs, guacamole, beans, sausage links and bagels. Hot and cold food wells hold ingredients for breakfast and lunch menus. Steamers keep the tortillas hot. Colors, materials, art and the brand logo provide a fun and dynamic backdrop for the creativity of the food at Dekotora. Customers receive a culinary show as team members prepare Veloce's Roman-style pizza.

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