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MAR 2017

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74 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • MARCH 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Microsoft's Café 36 Floorplan Selected for lifecycle remodeling due to the age of the facility and declining performance metrics, Café 36, located in Building 36, was closed on Nov. 1, 2015 when construction began and reopened June 6, 2016. Planning began nearly 14 months prior to the cafe's closure. "The old cafe was aging, dark, closed-off, uninspiring and had encumbered sight lines and a disjointed design unrelated to the building and the external environment," Freeman says. This old environment is in sharp contrast to what attracts Microsoft's associates to cafes. Many are Gen Yers, a group Freeman describes as diverse, smart, innovative and hungry for options and authenticity. They have very high expectations for dining experiences with food transpar- ency and clean food. Remodel goals include driving participation, enhancing meaningful technology into the customer experience, driving guest satisfaction and enhancing customer convenience, in part by expanding offerings as well as reducing queue times. Since the renovation, customers walk into Café 36 and become immersed in what project designer Peter Stocker, PSAMA, associate principal at MG2, calls approachable industrial design. "We wanted the cafe to look authentic to the original building," Stocker says. MG2 also wanted to take advantage of the building's surrounding forest-like environment with fir trees flanking the structure on two sides. "When we learned we could expand the building footprint by 4,750 square feet and raise the ceiling over 3 feet in some areas, we wanted to bring the outside inside and maintain sight lines and unfettered views to the tree line," Stocker says. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light that emphasizes the use of natural materials such as clear woods, polished concrete flooring and powder-coated metal, as well as a color palette featuring celadon and geometric wall tiles. The MG2 design team members were inspired by the dedication Freeman and team members at Microsoft and foodservice provider Compass Group brought to create menus that reflect current thinking about food and nutrition. "Our strategy to pay Equipment Key 1. Free beverage cooler 2. Holding cabinet 2a. Heated holding cabinet 2b. Stainless cabinet 3. Frost top 4. Heated shelf 4a. Double overshelf 4b. Wall shelf 4c. Storage shelving 5. Mobile cart 5a. Dough cart 6. Reach-in refrigerator 6a. U/c refrigerator 6b. Refrigerated base 6c. Refrigerator 6d. Work-top refrigerator 6e. Blast chiller 6f. Walk-in cooler (con- verted from freezer) 6g. Reach-in freezer 7. Fire suppression system 8. Exhaust hood 8a. Water wash hood 8b. Hood control panel 8c. Vent duct 9. Gas connection kit 9a. Water connection kit 10. Tandoor oven 10a. Oven/proofer 10b. Rapid-speed oven 10c. Microwave oven 10d. Conveyor toaster 10e. Pizza oven 10f. Combi oven 11. Six-burner range w/ oven 11a. Equipment stand 11b. Eight-burner range w/ rail 11c. Four-burner range w/ oven 12. 36" griddle w/ rail 13. Single bank fryer 13a. Dump station 13b. Pressure fryer 13c. Fryers w/ filter 14. Dump station table 14a. Butcher block table 14b. Worktable 14c. Worktable w/ double overshelf 14d. Clean dishtable 14e. Soiled dishtable 15. 60" make line 15a. 67" make line 15b. 48" make line 16. Drop-in hand sink 16a. Sink faucet 16b. Dump sink 16c. Dump sink faucet 16d. Dipperwell w/ faucet 16e. Single compartment sink 16f. Hand sink, wall-mount 16g. Two-compartment prep sink 16h. Eye wash 16i. Prerinse faucet 16j. Three-compartment sink 17. Waste container 18. Drop-in cold pan 18a. Well insert 18b. Drop-in hot/cold pan 18c. Hot food wells 18d. Narrow drop-in cold well 19. Charbroiler 20. Rice cooker 21. Fill faucet 21a. Water filter 22. Dough sheeter and cutter 23. Pasta cooker w/ rinse 24. Hose reel 25. Food shield 26. Induction top 27. Bread display 28. Cultivator 29. Bread rack 29a. Mobile drying rack 29b. Slant rack 29c. Soda rack 30. Hot water dispenser 30a. Soda dispensing machine 31. Blender 32. U/c dishmachine 32a. Warewasher w/ rack conveyor 33. Ice bin 34. Espresso machine 35. 36" convertible grill 35a. Refrigerated equip- ment stand 36. Tortilla steamer 37. 60-qt. mixer 37a. Pot filler faucet 37b. Pot filler filter 37c. 20-qt. mixer 38. Flour bin 39.Tilt skillet 40. Steam-jacketed kettle 41. Slicer 42. Ice flaker 43. Ice machine Above: Café 36's entrance depicts the theme of bringing the outside to the inside and the use of natural woods. Photography courtesy of MG2; photo by Lara Swimmer Below: Butcher•Baker•Barista features comfortable wood-and-metal seat- ing at the counter.

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