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JUN 2016

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18 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JUNE 2016 operator's opinion [Garden Atrium] is a dream come true for me be- cause I've had my eye on this space since 1998. We had the luxury of having all our staff on board before we opened for business and we didn't have to implement an interim foodservice plan. Cultivating Sustainability and Collaboration in Healthcare Foodservice FE&S: What are the fve key challenges you face as a healthcare foodservice director today? DI: One, time. The pace of change is so quick that it is critical to prioritize and stay focused on the most important tasks. There simply isn't enough time in the day to do everything you might like to do. Two, coaching. Supporting the manage- ment team is critical to a highly functioning team. Making the time and energy for what they need to be successful and feel success- ful is a challenge but so important to me. Three, leadership. As leaders, we must not miss an opportunity to take our place at the table, both in the organization and the community. Four, staffng. We must stay focused on supporting and promoting an engaged staffng team, particularly given extremely low unemployment and a highly competi- tive culinary environment in Vermont. Five, reliability. In such a complex en- vironment one of our challenges is to be highly reliable in meeting service expecta- tions of employees, customers, patients and families. F&ES: Describe how your operation has responded to these challenges. DI: We've implemented new retail services, room service for patients and a food sustain- ability program that is nationally recognized. For retail, we renovated Harvest Café, our main retail facility, in 2009. We also operate Main Street Café, which serves house-made, cooked-to-order menu items; Café Express, serving to-go high-end hot beverages, soup and sandwiches; The Pa- vilion Café, serving a house-made cooked- to-order menu in an outpatient facility; and The Dunbar Café in the Rehabilita- tion Facility. We're continuing to conduct a full retail analysis to see how to increase sales and employee satisfaction. We're buy- ing a system so customers can order foods 2016 IFMA Silver Plate winner in healthcare Diane Imrie, MBA, RD, director of Nutrition Services at The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, discusses cultural change, customer service and more. By Donna Boss, Contributing Editor

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